link processor


- What sites do you allow to use your service?

We allow any legal site.

- Why is this service important for SEO?

If search engines don't know about your backlinks, then you have simply wasted your time and money building them.
That is why we invite search engines to visit your backlinks and give them more power with link pushing.

- Is this safe for my SEO campaign?

Yes, our setup is 100% safe and white hat.

- Crawling vs Indexing

Take a look at the official Google documentation and the Moz blog.

- What is your guarantee?

Nobody can guarantee indexing as only search engines have full control of it.
Search engines have different algorithms for measuring the quality of a page and deciding whether to show it in their search results or not.
And nobody, aside from the search engines, can have control over that.
Like all other services, we guarantee link crawling and link pushing.

- I am not getting high index rates of my backlinks

As mentioned above, nobody can guarantee the indexing of links as only search engines have 100% control over it.
There many factors that impact each page on the Internet and its possibility of being included in search results.

For example, the following are just some of the reasons for a page not being included in the index:

Whole domain is deindexed from the search engine.
Domain is spammed too much and has been blacklisted for any feature crawling.
Site is loading very slowly.
There are many outbound (external) links and the page is seen as a spam page.
There isn't any valuable content on the page or domain.
The site has a bad neighborhood on the IP level.
The page where the link is placed is removed (404 - page not found) and that kind of page is not indexed.
And many many more...

- Can I resell your service to my clients?

Yes, our service is designed for webmasters, big SEO agencies and people who resell on Fiverr and webmaster forums.